Mar 15 2024


10:00 - 14:00




Melanie K. Smith PhD and László Puczkó PhD, professor and researcher at the Business University of Budapest, and CEO – Co-founder of HTTW Life respectively, international experts in tourism and welfare economics will be at the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Girona to talk about the opportunities represented by the culture of well-being, both for tourism and for the economy.

His great and extensive experience in the field of well-being applied to tourism, especially in research at different universities, the worldwide consultancies he carries out for different destinations, and the books written on this subject, make his visit to the city of Girona a good opportunity to get to know this type of tourism up close. A trend that has not stopped growing since 2015. That the latest reports on tourism continue to indicate that it will continue to rise.

The discomfort that is experienced at a global level, the also increasing symptoms of stress and anxiety, etc. they mean that more and more people are interested in doing wellness activities, especially when they have free time, during the holidays. In this sense, it is not at all strange that the demand for activities such as mindfulness, forest bathing, yoga or conscious hiking, among many others, is growing in different destinations that are becoming aware of it. Practices that, at the same time, also have a very positive impact on the local population.

The Costa Brava and the Pyrenees of Girona have been promoting this type of tourism for some years now, and by now, the demarcation of Girona already has an interesting offer of experiences and tourist packages aimed at the field of well-being.

For five years now, the Faculty of Tourism has had a Wellbeing and Happiness subject aimed at Tourism and Advertising and Public Relations students. The purpose of this subject is to promote a culture of well-being, creativity and awareness that is useful for students to manage stress and anxiety, discover their life purpose, and focus it on their studies and future life professional

In this sense, the University of Girona has decided to create and organize this seminar, which has had the collaboration of the Costa-Brava Girona Tourism Board of the Girona Provincial Council. This will be accompanied by a familiarization trip to the territory to make the two guests aware of the tourist welfare offer that we have in the territory.

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