consciencia hacker


Nov 27 2020 - Nov 29 2020


18:00 - 16:00

Retreat Mindful Hacker

This is a very special retreat to develop our mindful hacker. Did you know that in our society we encounter more and more distractions that undermine our attention, and therefore, we lose the ability to consciously create the life we ​​want? We get carried away by stupid fashions, by superficial content, time is not enough for us, and many times we find that we fill our day with things that do not fill us (paradoxical), or even are useless.

Being a mindful hacker is getting into the madding crowd to create your world, even when it works against you. You would like to spend a weekend to learn how to create it. Do not hesitate. This is your retreat.

It will be in a monastery in the city of Girona, in an austere but welcoming atmosphere; very beautiful and special, with a very quiet environment and surrounded by nature.

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