Edgar Tarrés Falcó


Transformative and unique experiences, in the middle of Nature, that provide great healthy benefits with a very positive impact on our personal and work life.

Concert at sea

A unique experience to enjoy the sunset in the Bay of Roses, baths under the cliffs of the Cap de Creus Natural Park at night, dine under the stars and enjoy a concert of Tibetan bowls and gongs in the middle of the sea.

Two sessions: Night and Sunrise.

Portrait of Mindfulness in Nature

Mindfulness in Nature

A very special mindfulness session with developing our attention, sensitivity and well-being through the elements of Nature. Whether in a lush forest, the peak of a great mountain or in front of the sea, mindfulness will bring us great healthy benefits with a very positive impact on our lives: it improves attention, concentration, avoids distractions, improves performance ( sports, work, vital …), reduces stress and anxiety.

Portrait of Forest Bath

Forest Bath

A Forest Bath is an activity that has more and more followers for its beauty and its great healthy benefits.

Different activities are carried out in order to connect the elements that the forest gives us, such as phytoncides (volatile substances that we breathe and end up with harmful bacteria in our body), their highly restorative sounds, development of our senses … fact that It has a very positive influence when it comes to reducing our stress, anxiety, balancing the heart rate, lowering blood sugar, and a very long etc.

Scientifically proven effects by institutions around the world.

Portrait of Winefulness


A unique wellness experience to enhance creativity through Wine and Nature. Together with the Martín-Faixó Winery, we have designed this activity to awaken our senses with a very special wine tasting.

It combines mindfulness techniques and forest baths to have a fun time, while we procure high doses of well-being with what Nature gives us.

This session includes Empordanés Breakfast + Wellness Activity + Wine Tasting

Portrait of Feel the Landscape

Feel the Landscape

A conscious hiking outing in which, throughout the tour, activities are carried out to develop our well-being, health, creativity and sensitivity.

You will live an experience that will teach you to “see” the landscape in a different way; with all your senses. A fun way to experience it with some surprises with which to feel that you take care of your body and your mind through beautiful sensations, fruit of the connection and interaction with Nature.

Portrait of Harmonic Concert of Deep Space

Harmonic Concert of Deep Space

A beautiful way to get closer to the Harmony of the Spheres “that Pythagoras glimpsed”. With the Astronomical Observatory of Albanyà, in Empordà, we organize a very special concert to experience the magic of the cosmos, from very close.

While we visualize the images of planets, galaxies, deep space with the telescope, the sounds of Tibetan bowls, harmonic songs, hang, didgeridoo, gongs … are playing live…

It is a very beautiful evening with a very deep connection to the Universe which will bring peace and harmony within you.

Portrait of Aquasound


It is a concert to feel the healthy benefits of sound under water (where the power of its effects is multiplied by four). As you float, the warmth of the water embraces you, rocks you, and lets the vibration of the sound massage your whole body and mind, so that the state of well-being and relaxation is maximum.

Portrait of Mindful Storysound

Mindful Storysound

“Once upon a time …” thus begins, meditating, an activity that brings the magic and the power of personal development that stories have, the mindfulness and the strength of sounds, all together. Experience that will make us vibrate and live deep moments of well-being.

This is a tale, inside a meditation and accompanied with the vibration of the Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, hang, the voice, gongs and shamanic drum.

We feel that feeling again when we were children, when our parents or grandparents told us stories before going to sleep … but this time, we go further. Some people comment that it is like watching a 3D movie with dolby surround, with your eyes closed.