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Find out which program best responds to what you want to achieve. All of them are connected with Nature, a vital connection for well-being and happiness.

Portrait of Life Reset

Life Reset

Dates 2020: July 10-12/ September 4-6

Weekend program that includes different experiences based on mindfulness, forest baths and sounds, and which is aimed, as the name suggests, at being able to reset your life and learn to introduce healthy habits that will add quality to your life.
This experience takes place at the Ecoresort Cerdanya **** (La Cerdanya) in the Pyrenees. A very special space in the town of Prullans, with sustainability and social responsibility programs, orchard and forest where they practice permaculture, which you can taste in its varied and healthy gastronomic offer, along with artisan products and its Pyrenean area. Three days that you will not forget, for the quality of its services, its experiences and an exceptional environment.

Portrait of Digital Detox

Digital Detox

Mobile devices are increasingly affecting our discomfort: addiction, stress, bad habits, disconnection from ourselves and from the people around us… This program is focused on improving our relationship with these devices and that they do not interfere with our wellness. Mindfulness techniques are used, according to the latest studies in neurobiology and psychology, to learn to develop healthier technological habits and to help us improve our efficiency and concentration.
The program includes, in turn, activities that will enhance creativity and decision-making, as a way of complementing the learning carried out.
It takes place in La Bruguera de Púbol, a wonderful space in the middle of Nature in Empordà. Organic vegetarian products from its garden, wine cellar and craft beers in the area.

Portrait of Focus Mind

Focus Mind

Having a healthy, focused, non-distracted mind, focused on goals and tasks, that works effectively and creatively, is having an asset and a very important value in any successful project.
Focus Mind is a program that shows, in a fun and surprising way, the latest findings in neurobiology and Natural Sciences so that you can apply them to life, to your project. A way to create teams with a positive and creative mindset so that they can take care of themselves as well as create value in everything they undertake.

Portrait of Wellbeing in the bosom of the Earth

Wellbeing in the bosom of the Earth

Dates 2020: JULY 31- AUGUST 2 / SEPTEMBER 11-13

Una gran experiencia de bienestar en un lugar muy especial: un hotel que está dentro de la tierra, en el Geoparque del Cuaternario (Guadix, Granada), rodeado de Naturaleza y de paisajes muy bellos.
A great wellness experience in a very special place: a hotel that is within the earth, in the Quaternary Geopark (Guadix, Granada), surrounded by Nature and very beautiful landscapes.
Mindfulness, Forest Baths, Happiness … a very complete program with which to have fun, learn and relax a lot, which you can combine with spending time, sightseeing … A very good plan for this summer! The program takes place at the Cuevas Abuelo Ventura Hotel.

Portrait of End of year 2020 Conscious

End of year 2020 Conscious

Start the New Year with awareness and the relaxation necessary to decide the year you want.
We will hold mindfulness and awareness workshops in Nature to awaken the best of us and focus it to create a full and creative 2021.
We will live this special experience at Casa Santa Elena, Solius (Girona).

Portrait of Create your way (2021)

Create your way (2021)

Fechas: June 27 - July 5, 2012

This is an adventure aimed at young people so that they develop useful skills, attitudes and tools to face the challenges that our society is beginning to pose. Creativity, resilience and entrepreneurship will have a lot of value when it comes to working in the very near future.
The Camino de Santiago is an initiatory adventure. A journey that for centuries has served people of all kinds of gender, condition, religion and belief, to get to know each other better within. Today, knowing yourself internally is very important to: enhance creativity, improve communication, concentration, prioritization of tasks, constant focus, discipline, habits, attitudes and positive values, to give meaning to our lives.
The objective of this adventure is to offer a very special experience for young people from 14 to 20 years old, or, depending on the circumstances or characteristics, you can come before 14 or after 20 years. In addition, an adult can accompany one of the youth in case of families. Activities and workshops will be held focused on developing entrepreneurial attitudes, skills and useful and positive techniques for personal and professional life.
These activities and workshops will be lived during the Camino de Santiago. The Portuguese Way has been chosen, since it is not as crowded as the French Way, and we can enjoy its coasts.

Portrait of Mindfulness trip to Thailand (2021)

Mindfulness trip to Thailand (2021)

A spectacular trip where tourism and personal growth are combined. Apart from seeing Bangkok and resting on a dream island, we will be in the Plum Village of Thich Nhath Hanh, living with their monks where they lead a conscious lifestyle in harmony with Nature, and we will join their well-being routines.
In addition, we will carry out other meditation and sound activities into Nature.
Organized together with TARANNÀ VIAJES CON SENTIDO.